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Just a few lines to welcome back old visitors and to welcome new ones. NevadAdventureS is back and adding some new information to help keep you informed on what is going on in one of the most unknown states in the U.S.
As some of us know, if you drive just 20 miles off the beaten path, you will discover some of the most wonderful country around. I myself was treated to just such a place this fall when I had the opportunity to camp with some friends who were lucky enough to draw a Nevada elk tag.
I thought in my mind that I have seem a lot of what Nevada is hiding in her spectacular mountains that people drive by everyday. But what I saw just outside my backyard was a place that I feel so lucky to have been a short part of. Pines, Aspens, and open meadows for a start. Country, which a person could get lost in the beauty of. Now granted, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as once said, but if you are into trees, fields, campfires, and being up 7 or 8 thousand feet and looking for miles and miles, then this was the place. One of many that Nevada has to offer.
I didn't get to spend much time up there as the snow set in, but my mission this summer is to spend a week up there, hiking, fishing, and just laying around the camp and watching the wildlife.
And the beauty of this is that it is just a few (25) short miles from my home off a highway people drive by and never take notice of.
In this time of the world when we are so worried about day to day living, we now more then ever need to slow down, stop if possible and take some time for life. We have always told folks passing through Nevada to take a few extra minutes or days to stop, drive off the interstate, take that less traveled road and see the sights. Nevada still has some great little towns and wonderful people to say hello to. Give it a try.
But please, as you do, tread lightly, haul your trash out, and take lots of pictures to show your friends.

Nevada is truly one of the last frontiers.

Enjoy it my friends.


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