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(Formerly Region II)

The Eastern Region includes the four counties of northeastern Nevada.

Elko, Eureka, Lander and White Pine Counties.

Outdoor Inn
The Trading Post

Taylor Canyon:
Taylor Canyon Resort
Dunn's Wildhorse Resort

Fishing Photos from Wildhorse Reservoir

EASTERN REGION: Popular fishing waters include Wildhorse, Wilson, Willow Creek, Jakes Creek, Crittenden, Illipah, Silver Creek and South Fork Reservoirs, Groves Lake, Bassett Lake, Cave Lake, Ruby Lake. As well as other high mountain lakes and several streams located throughout the area.

   Jim's Brook Trout, 18 1/2" long and weighed 2.92 lbs. A trophy certificate was issued.

Click here for Fish Species by Waters in the EASTERN Region

Ruby Marshes, left to right are Chris Dols, Derek Pennington, Rick Benson, photo by our Field Editor Jim.  

For season hours and limits please consult the NEVADA FISHING SEASONS AND REGULATIONS,