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Area 3 consists of 5 units: 031-032-033-034-035

Make sure to check the unit boundary descriptions in the Nevada Big Game Hunting Regulations. Your tag will be for a specific unit of Area 3.

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*New* Click on animal names and area number to view Hunter Information Sheet, if available, provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

Area 3 BuckMULE DEER

 area 031

 area 032

 area 033
 area 034

 area 035

These areas are extremely difficult to draw. Some hunters try for years to draw an Area 3 tag before they are successful. Once you do draw here, don't waste it!With lots of preparation and scouting you have a better than excellent chance of scoring a "big buck" and maybe even making "book". Take advantage of all our sponsor's help. This is not an opportunity to be taken lightly.


ANTELOPE area 031 / area 032, 034, 035 / area 033 : This area is worth the wait.

CALIFORNIA BIG HORN area 031 / area 032 / area 033 / area 034 / area 035 : Let us know how you do, if you have drawn this year, if you drew this tag in the past, you can post any stories or pictures with NevadAdventureS for others to enjoy.

MOUNTAIN LION: View Lion PDF file here. Be sure of where you are.

E-mail or mail us your stories/photos on any of the above unit hunts.

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