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When there is plenty of water and feed, this is another fine Nevada hunting area for all game. If you want a trophy, advanced scouting is important. You can find the "players" anywhere, but look where your fellow adventures are not. We found like many areas that late season is best. Keep an eye on the weather...

*New* Click on animal names and area number to view Hunter Information Sheet, if available, provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

Area 5 BuckMULE DEER: You might think this area might be crowded. Well let us tell you from experience, there are many places you can hunt, all alone. The Santa Rosa's are big country with lots of big deer. The surrounding mountains are great for scouting out hot spots and "secret" canyons.

ANTELOPE: Give us a hand folks... We have spent many days chasing Big Mules in the mountains and are not sure what is out there for you if you draw an Antelope tag here.

CALIFORNIA BIGHORN: One of our Field Editors, Jim filed a report along with a picture of his Bighorn he scored in a past hunt in area 051. It can be seen on our Pictures/Stories page.

MOUNTAIN LION: Not all units are open so be sure to View Lion PDF File here for regulations.

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