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AREA 07 has for some, been "THE" most coveted tag area for Mule Deer Bucks. It has one of the most rugged wilderness areas around, the Jarbidge Wilderness Area. Access is limited to foot or horseback.

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Hunt Photos from areas 6 & 7

*New* Click on animal names and area number to view Hunter Information Sheet, if available, provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

MULE DEER: In October '98 two of us spent almost 20 days hunting Area 7 and surprisingly found quite a few places we could hunt ALONE. Group hunts looked popular and from our observations they looked to be having a very good time and moderate success.*

We tagged out with mid sized bucks but on the closing day spotted 2 monster bucks. Weather and shooting light prevented us from getting those "Big Boys" but we will check them out this year.

From reports and pictures we have seen the "Players" were taken, show us yours!

*Weather plays a big factor in deer movement/migration. We pray for cold and snow in this area.

ANTELOPE: 072, 074 & 075 & 076, 077, 079, 081 & 078, 105, 106, 107 121
Be sure to check in the Big Game Hunting Regulations to find which units are combined, so you are sure where you are able to hunt. Nothing ruins your hunt more than being found hunting in the wrong area!

ELK: units 076, 077 & unit 081 . Also unit 072, 074. And tags in unit 075. And tags in units 078, 104,105 -107, and finally unit 079 Be sure to check the regulations to make sure you are hunting in the proper area and units as unit 079 hunters may hunt both on the Nevada side and also the Utah side. Remember that in hunting the Utah side you must obey the Utah regulations.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIG HORN SHEEP: Let us know how you did in this area.

MOUNTAIN LION: View Lion PDF here. In Unit 079 hunters may hunt the adjacent unit in Utah. Hunters MUST abide by the Utah regulations when hunting this area.

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