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The Ruby Mountains, AREA 10 has long had a reputation of being a tough area to hunt, and full of people. It can be a rugged hunt, but what most people don't realize is the actual size of the Area. Stretching across to the Ruby Marshes, north of Currie, and on to the Utah Border. Lots of Big Game has come to those who take the time to pre-hunt.


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*New* Click on animal names and area number to view Hunter Information Sheet, if available, provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)


MULE DEER: 101, 102, 104 and units 101 - 108 . This is a picture out the front window of one of our Editor's home. Yes, there are plenty of deer in Area 10. Be sure to check the 2006 regulations for dates and hunts. These numbers are down from last year. Hunter access is a problem in the Ruby Mountain area so be sure to ASK permission before crossing private land. This is Beautiful country, so enjoy your scouting trips by checking out everything this area has to offer.

ANTELOPE: Some combined with units in Area 7 and also Area 12. You need to check the NDOW 2009 regulations to make sure of boundaries and dates for all hunts.

ELK: Units 101 - 104 and units 104, 108, 121.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN: unit 101. and unit 102. Let us know how you did.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT: . Unit 101 by Angel Lake, Unit 102 near Ruby Dome and Unit 103 south of Harrison pass. This a very regulated hunt. Check your regulations. Send Pictures.

MOUNTAIN LION: View Lion PDF File here.

This is a submitted photo taken of the Ruby Mountains outside of Elko, Nevada, in Area 10.

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