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Of all the Areas to hunt, this is one you really need to pay the most attention to your Unit number and be sure of where you are.


*New* Click on animal names and area number to view Hunter Information Sheet, if available, provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife. (Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

MULE DEER: For resident and non-resident alike, you must check the 2009 numbers and regulations for any changes.

ANTELOPE: Be sure to check out the 2009 regulations as this area has had many changes from years past.

ELK: Area 221, / Area 222. Be sure to check tag area and unit allotment in 2009 for Elk. This can be a confusing area. You must check the regulations for 2009 for various hunts and unit combinations. If you hunted one of these hunts in the past let us know. If you need information on future hunts, ASK, someone out there will have the answer.

DESERT BIGHORN: AREA 221 / 223, 241 : Again, check the 2009 NDOW regulations for any changes.

MOUNTAIN LION: View Lion PDF File here. If you helped to meet this objective, congratulations and send information for others.

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