Welcome to the NevadAdventureS Marketplace.
Let me give you just a bit of background on how this website was started and funded. NevadAdventureS.com started with 3 friends who love the outdoors of Nevada. We wanted to share the great "off the beaten path" places with everyone. Thoughts were to build an easy to use, good looking, fun site, and of course, make it pay for it's self. As you can see on some of the pages there are sponsors who have helped us since we first started. Please be sure to let them know you saw their place here.
As with some projects, funding doesn't come as fast as needed to keep things running at the pace you would like.
I am not telling you this story to have anyone feel sorry or think we are asking for funds.
What we had hoped to never do was fill our pages with links for major shopping areas. Instead we wanted to focus on all the mom and pop places in Nevada.
But with the increasing use of the internet for shopping, (who hasn't shopped at Cabela's on line for something) we have found that we can put a few select, quality and well known "Affiliate banners" on pages and also hope for a bit of income back.
What we are asking you, as a user of NevadAdventureS.com, to do to help us is, If you shop on line at any of the "Affiliates" here, please click through to their site from ours.
The links are secure; they take you to the company's website from ours. But what happens when you buy is that we may see a small proceed from the company for advertising their link for them. Your cost on the goods does not change; they just pay us a commission for the ad.
As we said before, NevadAdventureS.com is solely funded by a few sponsors and myself now, so if you are one of the many shoppers at any of these great on line outdoor stores, please use our links.
If you have a bad experience, something any of the companies listed cannot resolve to your satisfaction, please let us know. We strive to only promote quality and reputable businesses.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to expand your on line information website for Nevada.

Oh, when you stop by that "mom & pop" store on your travels, say hello, and enjoy a story or two.


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