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Nevada may be high desert but we have 26 major lakes and reservoirs that can be enjoyed by the recreational boater. There are many factors that clearly show just how appealing boating is to Nevadans. For example, the number of registered vessels has increased from 17,517 in 1971 to well over 50,000 today. With that many local Nevadans on the recreational boating scene, well, watersports sounds like an adventure to us!

In scouting for information on this adventure, we also found that people are not just content to be on the surface of the water. We found many hearty adventurers follow their adventure trails below the surface by diving.

Boating may mean fishing for trout on the morning sunrise at Cave Lake. Boating may mean year round water skiing, racing, or water biking on Lake Mead or cruising and sailing on Lake Tahoe. Diving is no different.

Remember no matter what your preference is whether you are above or below the waves, Nevada has it all!

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