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  This Region holds many wonderful lakes for your NevadAdventureS. From the High Mountain Beauty of Lake Tahoe to the cliffs of Rye Patch Reservoir, this Region offers much to the Explorer.



Ramp / lanes
Type Park Fees



Camp Fish  Fuel Managed By

 Lake Tahoe
Sand Harbor 1/4 Paved  52  Yes  Yes  No  Yes No  State Park
Cave Rock  1/2 Paved  41  Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No   State Park
Zephyr Cove   1/1 Paved    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Marina

 Lake Pyramid
Pelican Point  1/2 Gravel  500  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No Reservation
Popcorn   Unimp.    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   No Reservation
Pyramid Lake Marina   1/4  Paved   60  Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes Reservation

  Washoe Lake      
State Park  1/2 Paved  25   Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes   No  State Park
County Park  1/1 Paved  25  No  No No  Yes  No County Park

 Topaz Lake
 Topaz Lake  1/2 Paved  40  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  County Park

 Walker Lake
Sportsman's Beach  1/2 Paved  25+ No  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  BLM/NDOW
Cliff House  1/2 Paved  50  Yes Yes  No Yes  No   Private

 Lahontan Reservoir
North Shore Marina  1/2  Paved  58  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  State Park
Silver Springs Marina  1/3  Paved  270  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  State Park

 Rye Patch Reservoir
Rye Patch Reservoir  1/2  Paved  30  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   No  State Park
Pitt-Taylor Arm  1/2  Unimp  35   No  Yes  Yes  Yes   No  State Park

 Chimney Reservoir
Chimney Creek Reservoir  1/2  Paved  25   No  Yes  Yes  Yes   No   County

 Onion Valley Reservoir
Onion Valley Reservoir    Unimp    No  No  Yes  Yes  No  BLM

 Knott Creek Reservoir
Knott Creek Reservoir    Unimp    No  No  Yes  Yes  No  BLM

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