By: C. Douglas Nielsen

The Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) is encouraging boaters to give their vessels a thorough checkup before heading for the water. To assist boaters as they make their preparations for the upcoming boating season, NDOW offers the following checklist:

Make sure there are sufficient life jackets -- properly fitting -- for all who may be riding in the boat. Replace any that show signs of deterioration. Boats longer than 16 feet must also carry a throwable cushion (Type IV).
Check to see that all fire extinguishers are properly charged and fully operational. Replace or recharge them as necessary. See that they are safely secured.
Test the battery to make sure it will hold a full charge, check its water level, inspect it for corrosion or cracks, and secure it firmly in place.
Examine all hose connections -- especially on fuel lines -- for cracks or dry rot and repair as necessary.
Test and inspect all electrical lights and components to ensure they are functioning properly -- including the ignition.
Check all vital fluids for quality as well as quantity.
Check the fuel tanks and lines for signs of old or contaminated gasoline. Also check the fuel filter and replace it if necessary.
See that all paperwork is in order -- registration, decals, numbering, etc.
Don't forget the trailer. Bearings should be repacked, tires inspected and the winch rope replaced as needed.

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"Navigating Nevada," the Division of Wildlife's boating safety guidebook is available free of charge. Study the text, pass the test, and receive a certificate of completion that will help you save money on your boat insurance.

Request your copy from the

Nevada Division of Wildlife Boating Educator, 1100 Valley Road, Reno, Nevada 89512, or call (775)688-1500.

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