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Western Art and country music have always been a love of Debby's. "I really like drawing people. I started drawing Western Art subjects long before it became a fad. And I love composing and singing country music. "

Debby was an artist content with keeping her pencil sketches circulating among her family and friends. She has begun to get the recognition she deserves. Debby's work has been featured several times in various newspaper articles about Nevada Artists recently, and her Merle drawing was featured in Country Music Magazine. Her intricately detailed drawings are now admired by many and ordered by many more!

We interviewed Debby's mother who requested we visit her home and see Debby's work for ourselves. She didn't want us to think she was just a bragging parent raving about her child. Rest assured, we were equally impressed with Debby's talent! We certainly don't claim to be expert connoisseurs of art, just appreciators of fine things.

While many artists start with pencil and move on to other mediums of art, Debby stayed with pencil and has spent many years perfecting her abilities and style.

Western Art lovers and lovers of beautiful Art will all want to own an autographed print from Debby's " NEVADA SERIES I".

Greeting cards, note cards & stationery are on Debby's agenda for the future. Look for these to be offered soon.

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Each print is autographed by DAG (Debby) McDaniel

The three copyrighted.prints listed are available for order by sending your request and payment to:

 D.A. McDaniel

 Po Box 1307

 Elko, Nevada 89803