NevadAdventureS Welcomes you to the:

Midas Saloon and Dinner House!

The Midas Saloon & Dinner House is located 45 miles North East of Golconda, and 47 miles West of Taylor Canyon.

They are located near Willow Creek Reservoir, which offers great Crappie, Catfish, Trout and Bass fishing, as well as camping.

It has also been reported that the Bird hunting is fantastic since the drought has ended. Chukar, Sage Grouse. There was even a report of a Pheasant seen recently, (but you cannot hunt them).

Local Antelope hunting is predicted to be very good this year.

Deer hunters drawing tags in this area will be glad to know, local Area Deer herds are Doing Great.

Located in Deer hunting AREA 6, The Midas Saloon and Dinner House offers:




Cold Storage for your game


Food and Beer to Go

Hamburgers Cheeseburgers

Monday Night Football with a 52" TV

Scampi \ Lobster Prime Rib

Midas Restaurant

The Midas Saloon and Dinner House also offers Gourmet Dining at its finest.

Hamburgers are served until 6:00 pm.

Reservations are required for dinner.

Phone Number: 775-529-0203


Make sure you stop in and visit Les and Beverly Matson, and catch up on all the great stories and pictures, maybe even pick up a few hints.

The Midas Saloon and Dinner House is also FOR SALE. Check out their ad in the Classified's.

 **side note - I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Midas Saloon with my husband. I can tell you that the meal was fantastic. If you like fine dining, good company, and a relaxed atmosphere, The Midas Saloon & Dinner House is for you. See you there. - Debbie (Web master-NevadAdventureS)

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