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The Trading Post

"The best little Storehouse in Jarbidge, Nevada."

 PO Box 260072

Jarbidge, NV 89826


The Trading Post is owned and operated by Rey and Marguerite Nystrom and is located in the beautiful town of Jarbidge, Nevada.

   Rey and Marguerite Nystrom

Located in hunting AREA 7, the Trading Post offers a complete line of supplies for your every need. Maps and Information, suggestions for backpacking and day hikes, directions to places of interest. Fishing equipment and bait, gift items and local crafts. Post cards, arrowheads and Indian crafts. Books on Jarbidge and local adventures. Groceries, goodies and ice cream. This is just a taste of what you will find at the Trading Post. Drop in for "Beer-Thirty," and get in on a real "Bull Session." Western hospitality at it's finest.


The Trading Post serves as a gathering place where locals and visitors can share their adventures and tall tales. Their visitors book contains entries from every state, all Canadian provinces, and over 40 foreign countries. They especially love getting to know those who visit Jarbidge.

Established in 1987 in one of the older log cabins, the Trading Post provides and full line of groceries including basic fresh produce and meats, along with a variety of beer, liquor, and soft drinks. Special requests are filled as quickly as possible. The Trading Post also offers a video library of over 700 movies.


Drop in and say hello, join the fun, and listen to some stories about the great Jarbidge area.


 The Trading Post is FOR SALE.

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