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Ghost Town & Mining Camp Map


No Adventure into Nevada can be complete without exploring Nevada's Ghost Towns and Mining Camps. Nevada's past is one of pioneers venturing west in search of a new life. Gold miners heading to Sutters Mill. Pony Express Riders battling the elements and Indians to deliver the mail. Railroaders laying track to connect our great United States. Nevada's past is a wild and glorious one.

A past of hardship, strength, perseverance, heart and soul. The California Trail, Immigrant Trail, and the Donner Trail all cross Nevada. Parts of the trails are still visible to this day. You can stand along the wagon wheel tracks and imagine yourself walking toward the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains, uncertain what is around the next bend. Leaving possessions and loved ones along the way.

The Gold Rush to California was a trek made for promise's of instant wealth that ended in tragedy for many. Few ever realized the wealth that was so talked about. With the many gold strikes discovered in Nevada, a great diversity of people came to here seeking a better, easier way of life, only to discover the harsh, brutal ways of the west.

The Chinese were among the many that were brought west to help with the railroad. There are many settlements still around Nevada that date back to the early days of the Railroad.

Nevada holds many actual mining and ghost town sites that are still visible today. Our goal here is to guide you to some sites that still have buildings, mills, and mining sites to explore. Some will not have any structures standing, but will have historical markers and history for you to visit.

*(NOTE- please check with U.S. Forest Service, & BLM on rules and regulation pertaining to removing any remains or artifacts. )

Nevada is the 7th largest state in the U.S. and whenever venturing out into an area, PLEASE, be aware of where you are. Carry supplies to hold you over in case of a breakdown. Water is essential to have, dried food, nuts, a blanket, matches, and a shovel. Most important, let someone know where you are going. Even if it is the guy at the local store or gas station. You can go for hundreds of miles on Nevada's back roads without seeing a person for days. Be prepared.

Please remember to exercise caution when exploring Nevada's Ghost Towns & Mining Camps. Open shafts, drifts going into mountainsides, and old buildings, are ALL DANGEROUS.

 Emergency # 911 or Elko Dispatch 1-775-777-7300

Enjoy your NevadAdventureS.

Ghost Town & Mining Camp Map

 *The information contained in our ghost town & mining camp section is provided by two great Nevada authors,

Shawn Hall, author of Old Heart of Nevada, Preserving the Glory Days, & Romancing Nevada's Past.

Stan Paher, author of "Nevada Ghost Town & Mining Camps", & "Nevada Ghost Town & Desert Camps Atlas".