Nevada has some of the nicest "out of the way" campsites. The kind that you can get lost in. Most of them are surrounded by some of the most magnificent scenery around. The excitement that takes place in our house goes on for days before we finally get loaded up, and head out for our own special time. The tents are packed, the food in the coolers, the wood loaded for the camp fire. The shovels, water, and of course the kids and dog. We are off. Ready to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.

We drive up the canyon past Pinion Pines and follow the creek toward our spot. The kids spot a deer out the window, a few Nevada Blue Birds. We find our turn off and pull in. The kids pile out grabbing something from the truck to haul over the creek to the camp site. All is right with the world now. We have made it.

Until we get across the creek and find this.

Someone has decided to leave all their trash behind. Empty bug spray cans, plastic bags, broken bottles, used deodorant containers. ICK! Then they take the time to even arranged it nice and neat in the camp fire pit that we WERE planning to use.

Has this happened to you? I bet you are saying "YES". How can people do this? Why do people do this? Do they live like that at home? Would they appreciate it if I came over and left my empty containers and dirty trash in their oven, or bedroom?

This is something that really burns my backside. If this has ever happened to you, then you know what I mean. It must have taken some time for them to pile it all in the fire pit. It wouldn't have taken anymore time to pick it up and put it in a bag and take it HOME to the trash can? How much more would others and myself have appreciated it, IF they had carried out their trash.

On another thought, how long could it have taken a low burning ember to catch some of the trash on fire? Not only taking out the campsite but possibly the whole wonderful canyon, and possibly someone's life. Please think about it.


If you haul it in, PLEASE haul it out.

Let everyone enjoy a Clean Nevada.


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