White Pine County Recreation Site Information:

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Bird Creek: Elevation 7500ft/use Jun-Sep/fee picnicking, reservations recommended/fee group camping, reservations recommended/8 units/drinking water/toilets/not modified for physical impairments/trailhead.

Cave Lake State Park: Elevation 7300ft/use May-Oct/2 fee picnick areas, no reservations/2 fee camp grounds, no reservations/group camping area, reservations recommended/tents & trailers/toilets/scenic drive Success Loop. Located eight miles south of Ely on US 93, turning onto Success Summit Road (NV 486) and continuing east for seven miles to the park entrance.

Cleve Creek: Elevation 6233ft/use Jun-Sep/picnicking/camping/group bbq available/12 units/tents & trailers (under 24ft)/toilets modified for physical impairments. Located 43 miles southeast of Ely, in the Schell Creek Range. Proceed 28.3 miles southeast on US 6-50, then 12.2 miles North on NV 893 (North Spring Valley Road), then 2.5 miles west on a graded road. Cleve Creek is a year-round stream that supports lush greenery around the campsites.

East Creek: Elevation 7300ft/use Jun-Sep/camping, non-reservation area/tents & trailers/8 units/picnicking/toilets/not modified for physical impairments/trailhead.

Ely Elk Viewing Area: Elevation 6670ft/viewing spring & fall/picnicking/camping/tents & trailers (no length limit)/toilets modified for physical impairments. Located 12.1 miles south of Ely. Shade shelters and interpretive signs are located in the developed area on the east side of US 6/50/93. Elk can usually be seen during early morning or evening hours.

Gap Mountain: Elevation 5220ft/picnicking/6 camp sites (more developement planned for the near future. Plans include more camp sites, drinking water, a trailer dump station, electric power)/tents & trailers (under 24ft)/toilets modified for physical impairments/Newest Facility in Ely BLM District. From Ely drive 3/4 mile south on US 93, 24.3 miles southwest on US 6, 49.5 miles south on NV 318, turn right at the Kirch Wildlife Area sign and drive 3.3 miles west to the site, a total of 77.85 miles from Ely.

Garnet Hill: Elevation 7280ft/picnicking/5 camp sites/trailers NOT recommended/scenic mine views. Garnet Hill is a nationally known rockhounding locale which is famous for the dark red garnets found in volcanic rock. From Ely drive 6.4 miles west on US 50, turn east 1.7 miles to a road junction (take the righ fork), travel south then west 1.4 miles to the parking area near Garnet Hill, total 9.5 miles from Ely.

Goshute Creek: Elevation 6230ft/1 picnick-camp area/tents & trailers (under 20ft). Located in northern Steptoe Valley at the base of the Cherry Creek Range. From Ely drive 45.1 miles north on US 93 (milepost 98.56), 6.9 miles west on NV 489 to a right turn on a graded County road, drive 10.7 miles north to the signed road going west 1.5 miles to the mouth of Goshute Canyon, a total of 64.2 miles from Ely.

Great Basin National Park: Elevation 7,000-9,950ft/use ranges from one campsite that is year round to Late May-September for other sites/fee camping, non-reservation areas/restrooms, some are modified for physical impairments/drinking water in summer/picnic tables/tent pads/campfire grills/rv's & trailers/RV dump station near Visitors Center. Check with the visitors center for fees and availability.

Great Basin National Park, Hiking Trails: Hiking trails offer a great way to enjoy and explore the Great Basin National Park. There are many hiking trials available, we are listing only the major trails. Check with the Visitors Center for maps and other trail information.

Illipah Reservoir: Elevation 6840ft/picnicking/camping sites with windbreak, fire rings, tables/tents & trailers (no length limit)/17 units/toilets modified for physical impairments. This is a popular fishing spot on Illipah Creek. 38.5 miles from Ely, drive 37.1 miles west on US 50, turn west at the highway sign 0.1 miles to a road junction, then go south 1.3 miles.

Kalamazoo: Elevation 7000ft/use Jun-Sep/camping, non-reservation area/tents & trailers/5 units/picnicking/toilets/not modified for physical impairments.

Meadow Valley: Elevation 5740ft/picnicking/camping 6 units/tents (trailers NOT recommended)/toilets modified for physical impairments. Located in Nicanor Canyon east of Pioche. From Ely 108.9 miles total, travel 26.4 miles southeast on US 6-50, south 80.8 miles on US 93, then east on NV 322 for 17 miles. The campground is located west of the paved road, 0.8 miles south of the Spring Valley State Park entrance sign.

Timber Creek: Elevation 8800ft/use Jun-Sep/fee camping, non- reservation area/tents & trailers/fee picnicking, reservations required/fee group camping, reservations recommended/10 units/drinking water/toilets/not modified for physical impairments/ trailhead.

Ward Mountain: Elevation 7400ft/use Jun-Sep/fee camping, non-reservation area/tents & trailers/29 units/drinking water/toilets/ limited modifications for physical impairment/trailhead.

White River: Elevation 7000ft/use Jun-Sep/camping, non-reservation area/tents & trailers/picnicking/8 units/toilet/not modified for physical impairments.


Cold Creek Reservoir: This is a popular fishing area in western White Pine County near the Diamond Mountains.

North Creek: Located on the northeastern flank of majestic Mount Grafton, the highest mountain on BLM-administered public lands in Nevada.

Shoshone Ponds: On the western side of the Snake Mountain Range below Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park.

Weaver Creek: North of Humboldt National Forest and nearby Wheeler Peak.

Willard Creek: Located northwest of Wheeler Peak. This small stream flows into Spring Valley on the west side of the Snake Range.

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