1999 Deer Hunt

by Field Editor Jim Benson

Being the field editor for NevadAdventureS.com I get the opportunity to spend time in a lot of hunting and fishing camps around the state of Nevada. Meeting people that enjoy the same things I do is exciting, but the solitude of hunting alone has it's own rewards.

The deer season of 1999 was one I will always remember. I received a tag for area 6 and already knew where I was going to hunt. Living next to the southern border of area 6 I get a chance to watch the winter ranges and have the opportunity to see some of the trophy bucks in the area.

Mining activities in area 6 have changed some of the hunting areas for the better or worse, depending on how you want to look at it. Reclamation of the mines has created some excellent food sources for wildlife. One benefit is a higher calcium diet to promote larger horn growth.

Opening day of deer season started out just as I planned. At first light I was sitting on a group of seven bucks, the biggest being a 4x4 with an impressive 30"+ spread. It didn't end as planned, but who can complain when a 15 year old boy gets his first deer He was just a little faster getting to the canyon the deer were in. I'm sure by the look of joy on his face that it was a hunt that he will never forget.

The next three weeks of the season were uneventful, the weather was hot and dry with a full moon. The deer were very difficult to find. They were feeding at night and brushed up during the day. Another big buck I had spotted before the season was a no show, but on Monday of the last week I spotted a real nice 5x4. I figured I would try for him on the last day if I could not find any thing larger.

Finally on the Friday before the last weekend I got an opportunity for the 5x4 that I could not pass up. I was walking through some bitter brush that was as thick and tall as any I have been in when the 26 ½ x 20 ¼" buck stood up at 50 yards. He was as startled as I was that anyone but him was that foolish to be in there getting poked and scratched to no end. One shot with my S.T.W. and the 1999 deer season came to an end.

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