This report was filed by NevadAdventureS Field Editor, Jim.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK: Elk were re-introduced into Nevada in 1932. There were 26 Elk from Yellowstone National Park introduced into the Schell Creek Range.

The first hunt occurred 13 years later in 1945 with the issue of 12 tags.

Other transplants in Nevada occurred in 1935. There were 21 animals released in the Charleston Mountains of Clark County. In the late 1940's a population was started in the Pilot Peak area on the Nevada-Utah border.

In 1948 Elk were sighted in the White Rock Range of Lincoln County as a result of a Utah introduction in the Indian Peaks area. Then in 1979 an additional 50 Elk from Utah, were released on the Monitor Range in Nye County.

Some individual Elk sightings have been reported from a number of mountain ranges in eastern Nevada, including the Independence, Egan, White Pine, Snake, Gollaher Mountains, Ruby Mountains and Cherry Creek Ranges.

In February 1996 there was an approved amendment to re-introduce more Elk into the Wells Resource area. But I have very little information on where, when or how many animals have been introduced.

In all, Elk populations are limited but growing. For Nevada hunters the Elk tag is the most sought after big game tag.

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