My oldest stepson, Jacob and I flagged this antelope buck in with a white paper towel from a good 600 yards out. We were sitting cross legged in sagebrush no more than 1 foot tall. He came within 30 yards before finally flaring his nostrils and trotting off. This was on a scouting trip for his tag in July of 1994 in the Montana Mountains just north of Orovada in area 031. Jacob was 14 at the time and filled his tag when the season rolled around that August.

I seriously doubt that this technique would work once the season opened, but during July when the antelope are pretty much undisturbed, they are quite curious. So for those of you who would rather hunt with a camera than a weapon here is your challenge. Go out and flag a bigger one in!

Let's all enjoy Nevada's wildlife, hunter and photographer, or just walk and look.
Such a treasure to be cherished, and its free!

Bruce R. Frechette
Wellington, NV

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