Hatcheries In Nevada


Why Do We Need Hatcheries?

"Many of the more popular fishing waters would not support the amount of fishing pressure they receive if it weren't for stocking. By planting fish, we are able to both increase recreational use and angler success," says Don Junell, Nevada Division of Wildlife staff biologist. (Quote from Nevada Fishing Seasons & Regulations.)

Hatchery Locations in the State of Nevada:

Lake Mead Hatchery located in Boulder City, Nevada

Gallagher Hatchery in Ruby Valley, Nevada

Mason Valley Hatchery in Yerington, Nevada

Spring Creek Rearing Station in Baker, Nevada

Visitors are welcome to all Nevada State Fish Hatcheries and group tours can be arranged. Consult the Nevada Fishing Seasons and Regulations book or contact one of our three State Headquarters which are listed in the Fishing section of this site.

Operations of a Cold Water Fish Hatchery:

Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) now operates the three hatcheries and one rearing station. These facilities focus mainly on raising trout. Each year Nevada's hatcheries produce and stock the State's fishing waters with nearly two million fish.

At the three hatcheries, trout are spawned from eggs and raised to a specified stocking size before being transported to waters needing stocking. The Spring Creek Rearing Station does not do spawning. The Rearing Station receives juvenile fish from the NDOW hatcheries and rears them to release size.

Rainbow trout make up the bulk of the fish production. Other trout reared at the hatcheries are brown, brook, cutthroat and two hybrids, cutbow and bowcut which combine rainbow and cutthroats.

Warm Water Fish:

Warm water fish like largemouth bass and crappie are not normally raised in these hatcheries. They are, however, stocked in a number of waters each year. The fish for these plantings are obtained from producers in other states or retrieved from lakes and ponds within Nevada. Federal hatcheries in other states usually provide Nevada with free juvenile largemouth bass.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries:

There are two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries in operation in the state. They stock nearly 500,000 trout per year in the state. They are: Lahontan National Fish Hatchery in Region I and Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery in Lake Mohave in Region III.

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