Fishing on Lake Mead

By Jared Benson

Dan Maes (left) and myself, Jared, recently took a fishing trip to Lake Mead, Echo Bay Marina. After getting our Arizona Fishing Licenses (since it's to easy to be on either side of the Lake!), we headed towards Herion Island.

We pitched camp and Dan began fishing. I wasn't quite ready to start fishing yet, so I set my lawn chair near Dan so we could "shoot the breeze." He got up and went to get a cold drink, by the time he got to the cooler he had a strike. Before he got back to the chairs and his pole, I had caught my first striper on his pole! My striper was about 19", weight 3 lbs. He was the biggest until the next day when Dan caught one that was 19 3/8", pictured to the left.


We ended up catching 13 stripers and 4 catfish and had a great time!

Jared with his weekend catch!



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