As hunters we all have certain years that just stand out. 1988 was one that I will always remember. I drew a Nevada deer, antelope, and desert bighorn. 1990 I drew Nevada deer and elk. 1996 was by far the best year. Not only did I draw a Nevada deer and Calif. Bighorn sheep tag, I got to take my daughter Jessica to Alaska bear hunting.
Upon returning from a very successful hunt in Alaska it was time to start scouting bighorn sheep in the Santa Rosa Mts., north of Winnemucca.
In my story on Calif. bighorn sheep [ pics and stories hunting page. Field editor Jim's report on sheep.] I stated that the rams of eight-mile canyon were a transplant from British Columbia. Their gene pool is one of the best for large horn growth.
I have to give the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife credit with the job they have done with the sheep in the Santa Rosa Mts. They could not have picked a better place in which to transplant bighorn sheep There might be a few people that have had an easy hunt, but on the whole there is no easy way to hunt the rams of eight-mile canyon. I will also add that your hunting in august and the weather is usually hot.
Another problem on my hunt in 96 was that it was dry and during the hunt there was quite a few fires burning in the area. Not only did I have to watch out for fires; it also scattered the sheep into areas that they were not normally in, but into areas that I had not scouted.
In all I spent 14 days scouting and 12 days hunting. I spotted 289 sheep of which 38 were mature rams. I only saw one that I figure would have scored higher than the one I harvested. The ram I got was 7 years old and scored 162 6/8 B&C points.
I would like to thank my brother Rick, Shane Edgar, Tony Carone, and Steve Hemp for all their help in my hunt. Without them this hunt would have been almost impossible. Not to mention trying to pack a ram that size out of the bottom of eight-mile canyon by my self.


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