Nevada Record Elk Season


Nevada elk season of 1999 will go down in the books as one of the most successful seasons ever.
Considering that Nevada only has about 6,000 elk, and harvests less than 200 bull elk annually, it is unheard of to have two typical and one non-typical bull score over 400 points in one year.
Also there were four other bulls scored in Nevada that went between 376 and 384 points.
An Oregon hunter harvested a 6x6 that scored 425 3/8. It's on the way to being the second largest bull elk taken in North America. A second typical bull scored 400 4/8, and a non-typical scored 406 4/8 was taken in Elko Co. A Nevada muzzleloader hunter took a typical bull in Lincoln co. that scored 384 3/8.
If you stop to think about it, there are only about 30 typical elk ever taken that scored 400 points or more during the twentieth century. To have two taken in the same year and in the same state says something about the quality of hunting Nevada has to offer.
If you are one of the lucky hunters to have ever drawn a tag for elk in Nevada, please write and tell us about your NevadAdventureS. That is what this site was created for, so you and anyone else can swap stories and lies. Were not looking for your favorite spot, just the excitement and the exchanging of stories. GOOD LUCK AFEILD.

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