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While hunting is one of the biggest draws Nevada has, undoubtedly the biggest sport that people participate in is shooting sports. While most hunters are shooters, there are many shooters that are not hunters. If you fall into either of these categories, this site is for you!

Many articles, ideas, and tips will be posted by our Field Editor, Jim and Jerry. Both are avid hunters who spend all their spare time either in Nevada's outdoors, on the shooting range, or in the reloading room.

(Please Note: Loads mentioned in articles have been tested by our editors. However, it is our recommendation that you consult your manufacturer or a reputable reloading manual before testing these loads yourself.)

We do not profess to know everything there is to know about shooting, especially with rapidly changing technology. NevadAdventureS, partnered with Jim and Jerry, are dedicated not only to their own hunting and shooting sports, but to yours as well.

In keeping with this idea, they will be submitting articles for you to review. They also encourage our readers and advertisers to submit your own articles and ideas so that this site can take advantage of the thousands of years of shooting experience combined, that our fellow NevadAdventureS have.

To Shooting Articles